How do I practice sentences?

Sentences are organized into Topics (Life, Work, School, etc.), and Lessons (Going to a Restaurant, Talking on the Phone, etc.). You can select the topic and lesson that interests you.

Each lesson has 6 sentences. For each sentence:

  • You can listen to the model recording.
  • You can look at the way the sentence is divided into different lines — each line is a “thought group”, and needs to have a rhythm.
  • You can learn the key words of each line and what Color they are, and practice them.
  • Then you can record yourself saying the sentence, and get feedback.
  • If any words are highlighted in your feedback, click the word, and then do the mini-lessons to improve your pronunciation of that word.
  • When you are ready, re-record the sentence.
  • And remember to use your Open Hand to improve your clarity and score!