My accent is part of my identity. Why should I change it?

A person’s accent reflects their cultural identity, and we absolutely respect and understand that. It is not our goal to change your identity, to make you sound exactly like a news broadcaster, or to have you speak ‘perfect’ English, because there is no such thing as “perfect” English anyway! Rather, our goal is to help you increase your comprehensibility. Comprehensibility is the measure of how easily a listener can understand your English. The higher your comprehensibility, the higher the listener’s confidence is in your English, which of course raises your own speaking confidence as well. Here, mastering the stressed rhythm of English is critical; native speakers of English subconsciously detect unexpected rhythm, which can impede comprehensibility and reduce trust. We consider our mission ‘accent addition’ rather than ‘accent change.’ We want you to retain your identity while expanding your repertoire to create greater confidence in your listeners.