Luis Chantre

“Speaking English helps our customers achieve their  individual goals in life. I’m a fan of Blue Canoe because it forces us to get better.”


Luiz Chantre
Manager of Instruction
Berlitz, Brazil

Partners and Educators

“I’m a fan of Blue Canoe because it makes something that can potentially be very, very dry fun and engaging.”

Martin Petry
Director of Quality Assurance, Hiring and Training Global Online Lesson Delivery Hub

“It’s like a breath of fresh air. Why did I not hear about it before? I could have used it at every level that I’ve taught.”

William Keith
President/Corporate English Trainer

“The Color Vowel System is a method that I learned to respect and to admire.”

Luiz Chantre
Manager of Instruction

“The Color Vowel System is amazing and the most effective approach to learn or teach English pronunciation!”

Nao Yuhki
English teacher

Blue Canoe is a really fun and creative way to immediately fix pronunciation.

Beatrice Rehm
Quality and Training Lead

“The Color Vowel® System…it’s a way to realize that learning English requires more than just the ears or the voice.”

Mathieu Mestrallet
English Instructor

Corporations and Learners

“There are sounds in English I’ve never heard, and suddenly I am able to learn to speak those sounds.”

Sangwon Ahn
Blue Canoe learner

“I can measure success of Blue Canoe by my increase in self-confidence.”

Rezarta Mataj
Blue Canoe learner

“After playing Blue Canoe, I realized that when I speak English, I now think about the way I’m pronouncing words and phrases, and I want to do it better.”

Olga Zgurskaya
Head of HR

“Effective communication is essential to my job, that’s why I’m studying with Blue Canoe®.”

John Kwon
Blue Canoe learner
Program Manager, ON Semiconductor
South Korea

“I’m a fan of Blue Canoe® because I’m realizing that I’m improving my pronunciation.”

Daniel Nakamura
Planning Director