Tips from our teachers

Color it Out – When it’s your turn and you arrive at a pair of words that interests you, spend some time with “help me say my turn” — listen to it five times, each time closing your eyes to notice the vowel sound flooding. Do not look at the words while this is happening; just listen and use your Open Hand. On the fifth repetition, say the phrase in chorus with the recording (still without looking at the words). Then play your turn like normal and see how it feels!

Sort it Out! – At the end of a round, click “Review words” to see the words you played. Use the Open Hand and flood each list.


  • When you get feedback that presents a list of words for flooding, play that flood 3 times– twice with your eyes closed, and a third time while reading and saying the words in chorus (all the while using your Open Hand).
  • If you are noticing that a certain sound is challenging for you, look for the Language Lesson that focuses on that sound and play it. Also watch the video for that sound.

Video – Watch 1 video a day, and really try to become aware of that sound or technique.


  • Look up a word that you find difficult to pronounce, then play the anchor phrase and the word audio, alternating, five times (just listening), then five more times while saying the word in chorus with the recordings. Use the Open Hand throughout these repetitions. All of this repetition triggers flooding that then transfers to practice.
  • Look up a word, play the anchor phrase once, then play the word 10 times in quick succession. Let the sound flood over you until the word turns into “music.” You’ll notice the stressed Color Vowel sound along with the change in pitch resulting from stress.