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Blue Canoe uses brain science and a virtual AI teacher to help learners learn and master the sounds and rhythm of English through daily practice. 

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We each have an accent based on where we grew up and the languages we heard as a child. With Blue Canoe’s revolutionary methodology and a daily lesson, you learn how to add the key sounds of English to your pronunciation toolkit so that you can be understood the first time.

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Why is speaking English so hard?

Many people successfully learn to read and write English, but still struggle to speak English. Why? 

  • English spelling can trick us into mispronouncing a word. 
  • The rhythm of English is more important than many people realize.
  • Our adult brains prevent us from noticing new language sounds, literally.

Built around the Color Vowel® Approach, Blue Canoe is the world’s first methodical pronunciation app, and it addresses all of these challenges!

The science behind Blue Canoe

The Color Vowel® System, developed over the past twenty years by Karen Taylor and Shirley Thompson, is a highly effective method used by millions of teachers and learners around the world.  Combined with AI technology and voice recognition, the method is now directly available to learners through Blue Canoe.

It works because it uses brain science to activate the parts of your brain that are still open to learning new language sounds with the methodical use of images, music, and movement.

Visual learning

Using a color and a symbol – such as BLUE MOON or GREEN TEA – for each of the 14 English vowel sounds helps your brain to remember them.

Kinesthetic learning

Using your hand to highlight stress – the key syllable in a word – is like turning on a switch in your brain, and helps to pronounce the words correctly.

Auditory learning

The repeating rhythm of the key English vowel sounds will help your brain learn the sounds and discover how to pronounce new words.

Students love us

I am so glad I found Blue Canoe to help me practice speaking English. I never thought learning could be so fun. It’s the best app I have ever had.”

– Sergio Gonzalez, Customer Support Associate, Mexico

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Blue Canoe is making a real difference for English learners.

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Teachers love us, too

“Blue Canoe® is the greatest app I’ve ever had. This is the best way to practice English pronunciation with fun!”

–Nao Yuhki, English teacher and Color Vowel® certificated trainer, Japan

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Blue Canoe partners with schools, English language training companies, and corporations to help their students and employees benefit from the power of clear spoken English.

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