Blue Canoe Dictionary in your browser–where you need it most

The Blue Canoe® Dictionary is now available on your computer – and it’s completely FREE!

Install the Blue Canoe Dictionary browser extension

Download the browser extension for your favorite browser, and the Blue Canoe Dictionary will be there. Learn how to say any English word you come across clearly and confidently. Extend the learning of Blue Canoe to your computer, too.

Please be sure to have the latest version of the browser on your computer. To download go to Chrome, EdgeFirefox and Safari

Double-click and then right-click

Double-click and then right-click on a word. You’ll get a pop-up showing the stressed syllable, definition, it’s Color Vowel®, and a recording to hear how to say it. Everything in one place to help you improve your spoken English in your daily routine.

“This extension is Awesome! I use it on my phone and now I can use it on my computer. I love the features and listen to the correct Color Vowel pronunciation. It’s an interactive way of learning English!”

–Dilnoza Khasilova, Teacher, University of Wyoming, U.S.

“I start my day reading English newspapers. Sometimes, I lost my interest in reading English newspapers, exhausted to look up words in a dictionary. The Blue Canoe extension provides a perfect solution. Reading newspapers is now a much better experience! Thank you so much for providing a great and effective tool!

–John Kwon, Blue Canoe Learner, Program Manager, South Korea

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Blue Canoe on your phone

With Blue Canoe you will:

  • Speak more clearly and be understood
  • Build confidence
  • Play engaging games
  • Get feedback anytime, anywhere
  • Track your progress
  • Move ahead in your career
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