How do I play Color It Out?

Color It Out is a card game between you and the computer. You and the computer are each dealt an initial set of cards. The first one to get rid of all their cards wins the game. But, the real reason to play is to practice your pronunciation!

The most important thing is that you are repeating the same Color (the same vowel sound) six times in a row with every turn. That helps you create new pathways in your brain, because you are helping your brain to hear it as an actual sound, and not just trying to interpret it as a language sound similar to a language sound from your native language. This is a critical step toward hearing it as it actually sounds, and then being able to reproduce it when you speak.

To get the most out of your turn, hold the phone in one hand and use your Open Hand to mark the stress of each word.

Please click the “Learn to Play” button from the Color It Out menu for a tutorial on how to play the card game. You can also watch a video tutorial.