How do I play Sort It Out?

Sort It Out is a casual game between you and the computer. You will have fun “sorting” words into two color vowel anchor phrases, for example, GREEN TEA and BLUE MOON. As you complete more and more levels, the words come down from the top of your screen faster, and are more complex.

You need to complete at least three games of Color it Out in order to unlock Sort it Out.

You will find you need to quietly say the word to yourself in order to decide which anchor phrase “bucket” to put it in. Even moving your mouth quietly is rewiring your brain to hear and say those vowel sounds correctly.

Sort It Out was created based on feedback from customers asking for an activity they could play that does not require a quiet space in the same way as Color It Out. Sort It Out is another great way to get in your 10 minutes of practice in the Blue Canoe app.

Click the “Help” button in the upper right corner of Sort It Out for a tutorial on how to play the game.