How do I cancel my Blue Canoe subscription?

The method for canceling your subscription varies depending on how you subscribed so please follow the instructions below for whether you are using Blue Canoe Basic or Blue Canoe Premium, and for the platform you used to purchase your subscription.

Check your subscription status in the app settings in this way:

  • Tap Profile in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the Settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner.
  • Under ACCOUNT, there are two options:
    • If it says “Upgrade to Premium”, then you have a Blue Canoe Basic account.
    • If it says “Subscription active”, then you have a Blue Canoe Premium account.

  • Blue Canoe Basic. If you have a Blue Canoe Basic, this is free and you are not paying anything. You do not need to cancel with either Google Play Store or the App Store. If you want, you can also uninstall the app from your mobile device.
  • Blue Canoe Premium. If you have an active subscription, you may be in your free-trial period or in a paying subscription. To make changes to your subscription, tap on “Manage” to make change in the Google Play Store or App Store.