What websites or URLs or docs does it work on?

  • The text in any website page (not a graphic).
  • An email you have received or are writing
  • Optional: You can make it work on Google Docs if you change the way you activate it in Options.
    • Open your extensions on your browser
      • For Chrome:
        • Click the puzzle piece icon to the right of the search bar
        • Select the “pin” icon next to the Blue Canoe icon to pin it to your search bar
        • Click the Blue Canoe icon that now appears on your search bar
        • A dialog box appears that says “Extension Options”
        • The default is that you double click a word and then right click to get the Dictionary
        • Alternatively, you can select “Immediate: Show the popup as soon as a word is selected”. If you get the Dictionary popping up too frequently, however, you can also add, from the “trigger” drop down menu, a key such as “Alt/Option”, which means you would click Alt+select to make the Dictionary pop up.
        • Note: the default action of double click + right click doesn’t work on Google Docs, so you can change the action everywhere to be something else.