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Speak into our mobile game and get meaningful feedback based on the proven Color Vowel® System, leading-edge speech recognition and machine learning technology.

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Benefits for Business

Partner with us to help your employees speak more effectively with customers and colleagues, focusing on the vocabulary they use most often.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve response times
  • Encourage team sharing of ideas
  • Increase employee loyalty

Benefits for Learners

Play Blue Canoe to learn the secrets to pronouncing English clearly, and stop having to repeat yourself.

  • Build confidence
  • Play engaging games
  • Get feedback anytime, anywhere
  • Track your progress
  • Move ahead in your career


Blue Canoe is the English pronunciation expert. It works because it overcomes the brain’s resistance to perceiving new language sounds by using other “muscles” in the brain to help. We make it fun to practice, detect the errors that matter, and provide personalized brain-friendly tips for quick progress.

icon Using a color and a symbol - such as BLUE MOON or GREEN TEA - for each of the 14 English vowel sounds helps your brain to remember them.
icon Using your hand to highlight stress - the key syllable in a word - is like turning on a switch in your brain, and helps to pronounce the words correctly.
icon The repeating rhythm of your Spoken Turns will help your brain learn the sounds and discover how to pronounce new words.

Why is speaking English so hard?

Two billion people are learning English worldwide. There are thousands of schools and programs to help, and many students become relatively fluent in reading and writing. But few succeed in the “last mile” to speak and be easily understood. Why?

  • Spoken English is very different than written English
  • Our adult brains stop us from hearing new language sounds. Literally.
  • Due to this, the standard English teaching method of “listen and repeat” usually fails



We are experienced entrepreneurs and leaders who have a vision of how we can use technology to help non-native English speakers – and the businesses that employ them – change their lives and careers by improving their pronunciation and English communication skills.

Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels

CEO and Co-founder

Sarah is an experienced leader and serial entrepreneur. Trulia, Market Leader, Dreambox Learning, Aventail

    Tony Andrews
    Tony Andrews

    CTO and Co-founder

    Tony is a visionary and expert architect and technology leader. Microsoft, Performance Phones, Netwise, Array Technology

      Josh Baxley
      Josh Baxley

      Software Engineer

      Josh is a wizard at mobile development. Moment, Contour, Inrix                                                                                                                        .

        Amit Mital
        Amit Mital


        Amit is CEO and Founder of Kernel Labs, and an experienced high tech exec and innovator. Symantec, Microsoft

          Karen Taylor
          Karen Taylor

          Board Member

          Karen is the creator of the Color Vowel System and a world-class ESL educator. English Language Training Solutions, American University.

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