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Blue Canoe is an AI mobile app that helps students learn the sounds and rhythms of English, based on the proven brain-based Color Vowel methodology.

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Most students — and most programs — focus on vocabulary, grammer, and reading. Blue Canoe fills the gap by helping teachers make learning pronunciation an integrated part of the program, and giving students an effective way to practice every day.

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Using brain science to accelerate learning

The Color Vowel Method is a revolutionary system that has been taught to more than 10,000 EL teachers.

It works because it activates multiple parts of learners’ brains that are still open to learning new language sounds, with images, music, and movement.

Visual learning

Using a color and a symbol – such as BLUE MOON or GREEN TEA – for each of the 14 English vowel sounds helps your brain to remember them.

Kinesthetic learning

Using your hand to highlight stress – the key syllable in a word – is like turning on a switch in your brain, and helps to pronounce the words correctly.

Auditory learning

The repeating rhythm of the key English vowel sounds will help your brain learn the sounds and discover how to pronounce new words.

The Color Vowel® System

The Color Vowel Method gives teachers and learners a shared framework, based on key sounds.

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